Tuesday, October 26, 2010

365/ Day 90 ~ My little Artiste!

Abby started working on this picture before bed last night and this morning she was so inspired to finish what she started that as soon as she got dressed she couldn't wait to get back to it. My little artiste!! Her vision was inspired by a photo of a dinosaur eating a rice crispy square treat. I see it ;). She loves using bright colours close together when she draws and colours pictures. Having an artistic background I have really been trying to avoid teaching her to choose certain colours that match objects yet and colouring inside lines. I want her to find her own voice and vision. I know with school, this will change but in the mean time, I am enjoying seeing her visions of brightly coloured objects take shape and her pride that goes along with each work she completes.

365 / Day 90

365 / Day 90

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